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  • The world of supervision has evolved far beyond the mid-century traditional styles of ‘boss directs employee.’ There will always be a critical need for trained, committed, and effective leaders at your company. For your organization to become truly empowered and innovative, and retain top talent, you must develop solid leaders and their successors.

    This program is designed to enhance the performance of every manager, from the recently promoted through to the most experienced.
    Training will be delivered in (7) 3-hour sessions. Maximum of 10 attendees. Includes extensive and thorough participant workbook, classroom facilitation, and one-on-one executive coaching.


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  • Most Requested Program for 2009! Program Length: 1-4 hours

  • Learn Why Money Demotivates!

  • Why a Great Salary Package, 401K and Bountiful Benefits Are Not Always the Answer 

  • "So What DO Employees Want?" Effective Motivators for Modern Workplaces

  • The 10 Real-World, No-Cost, Steps All Managers Can Implement Today to Increase Productivity

  • Click here for the program outline and learning objectives.


  • Program Length: 1-6 hours

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    • Kristine Sexter expertly combines these high-priority human capital concepts:

    • culture, employee communication, and managing generational differences, into one compelling, content-rich educational session!

  • Traditionalists. Boomers. X-ers. Yer-s: Why understanding the generational differences, and similarities, can increase performance, productivity, and employee engagement.

  • Communicating Across the Generational Divide: Learn to ‘decode’ each generation!

  • Creating a Multigenerational Culture: Improve performance and increase the retention of your top talent by implementing these 4 key strategies!

  • Take the Generational Quiz! Watch as 4 audience members, one from each fake watches generation,define their generation through pop culture, parenting styles and politics! This activity is insightful and really fun!

  • You DON'T Want Money?!! Discover how to deliver generationally appropriate forms of nonmonetary recognition & increase retention.

  • Click here for program outline and learning objectives.


Characteristics of Wildly Successful Leaders!

  • This program has a wild secret!
    Ask about it!
    Program Length: 1-4 hours

  • Caution: It Gets Really Wild! It's not just outside the box... it's outside the CAGE!

  • Learn to recognize the smart and stealthy approaches that both wild jungle animals and wildly successful leaders utilize as a means to survive and ...thrive!

  • Click here for the program outline and learning objectives.

  • Click here to watch the wild video!

Top 5 Interview Questions Ever Asked...By A Recruiter!

  • Program Length: 1-3 hours

  • Participants will learn about the proactive preparation and secret strategies used by the most successful recruiters in the USA!

  • Discover the approaches that will clearly illustrate if the applicant can produce the results required in the role.

  • Learn the Top 5 Most Effective Interview Questions Ever Asked!!

  • This program includes indepth participant guide, additional interviewing tips and the list of the Illegal Interview Questions for 2010-2011.

Powerful Presentations...Without Using Powerpoint!

  • This program has been repeatedly requested and brought back by Boeing and the FAA! Ideal for executives, engineers, trainers, technical professionals and all levels of management. Program Length- 1-5 hours

  • Top 10 Secrets of Award Winning Professional Speakers

  • Making Powerful Points: To Use, or Not to Use, PowerPoint® and other Visual Learning Tools

  • Humor: Working Wit It!

  • Satisfying the Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Adult Learner

  • In the 1/2 day workshop, participants will be asked to present a 3 minute program, of their choice, without the use of PowerPoint. Video taping available.

  • Click here for the program outline and learning objectives


  • Ideal program for transforming your organization's culture! Program Length: 3-12 hours 

  • Learn to survive and thrive in the jungle of your greatest challenges! This presentation solicits the input from everyone in attendance to solve their own biggest barriers!

  • Improve performance, cooperation, and morale while reducing conflict in order to reach a common goal.

  • Generate hundreds of incredibly effective solutions to top challenges

  • Participants all become co-authors of the book produced from all their ideas! This is truly a value-added powerhouse of a program!

  • Click here for program outline and learning objectives




An Employee Retention Convention: Modern Strategies for Retaining Entry-Level Employees


  • Program Length: 1-6 hours

  • Entry-Level Workers: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Hospitality ALL Want to Hire the Same Entry-Level Applicant…How to Differentiate Your Industry and Organization

  • The REAL Reasons They Leave…Its Rarely About Money!

  • Managers Who Keep the Best: The Top Five Secrets of Managers Who Retain Their Top Talent

  • Top 10 Low and No Cost Employee Recognition Strategies

  • Bonus! Where to Put Your 2010-2011 Recruiting Dollars (Even If You Are Not Hiring!)

  • Click here for program outline and learning objectives 

Rolling Out the Recognition! No-Cost Praise, Rewards and Awards for Your Employees

  • Program Length: 1-3 hours

  • Each participant will receive a FREE, autographed copy of Ms. Sexter’s book, “Rolling Out the Recognition: Employee Retention Strategies for Manufacturers.” $11.95 on Amazon. Click here to preview the book.

  • Learn how highly effective leaders and managers recognize and reward sustainable performance.

  • Discover over 40 easy-to-use, innovative, low-cost recognition concepts and how they can measureable, positive impact on your organization

  • This program is very engaging, upbeat and solution-oriented!


Recruiting Top Talent: Strategies for Attracting Super Star Employees!

  • Program Length: 1-4 hours

  • Not Hiring? Why You Must Still Be Recruiting! rolex replica

  • Employee Referral Programs: Best Practices for 'Cloning' Your Top Performers

  • The Top 10 Best Recruiting orologi replica di lusso Websites and Social Media Resources

  • Where to Put Your 2010-2011 Recruiting Dollars













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