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Rolling Out the Recognition:Employee Retention Strategies for Manufacturers
by Kristine A. Sexter and Bill Webb, SPHR

Manufacturing in America provides great benefits to the economy and
our quality of life, but it is being challenged on several fronts. These challenges will only be met when companies understand the facts associated with modern manufacturing and its modern workforce.
The demand for change by the new generation requires organizations
to become smarter in relation to its human capital investment.

It is increasingly obvious that those coming into the workforce want companies to recognize them. It is also true that companies adopting formal recognition programs benefit the most. Findings from a recent Watson Wyatt Worldwide study indicate that companies with an effective recognition program realized a median return to shareholders almost double that of companies not having such programs in place. WOW!

Over 58 individual ideas and concepts for recognizing and rewarding manufacturing employees. 97 pages.

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The Top 50 Low and No Cost Retention Strategies

Have you ever wondered why associates and employees leave your organization? Very rarely do they leave due to money or  issues relating to salary. In reality, most people leave due to lack  of professional challenges, having received little or no recognition, and the absence of career growth and development. 
"The Top 50 Low and No, Cost Retention Strategies" provides powerfully effective, yet low cost, concepts and ideas to retain your top talent.  You will discover:

  • Effective recognition tools that cost you or the organization little, but are viewed as priceless and valuable to your associates and employees.
  • Specific and simple ways to include your staff in meetings and training sessions that matter most to them.
  • Techniques that challenge and continually add excitement to their roles as employees, associates and leaders.

58 pages


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Wise Words for Smart Teens
Real life teen stories, insightfully written by 17 Oklahoma leaders, including Kristine Sexter. This book is an effective resource for crafting conversations and sharing your own stories with the teens in your life.  The most important legacy you leave all those that you mentor and guide is the treasure trove of lessons you accumulate over the years. Wise Words for Smart Teens is a collaborative project by Kristine Sexter and More Success Experts.

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BUILDING Tenant Retention: Strategies to WOW Tenants! (PDF DOWNLOAD ONLY)


Kristine A. Sexter
Indrek J. Redard, CPM



The Top 50 Strategies: Keeping Your Current Tenants:


"Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?" Creative and Powerful Plans for Tenant Retention


Learn From the Experts: Addressing the Tenant Retention Challenges Facing Commercial Real Estate Professionals


It's Not Always About Rates!  How the Managers, Administrative Staff, Maintenance/Engineers, Vendors and Owners Can Positively Impact Tenant Satisfaction


Secrets Revealed!
50 Exciting and Effective Methods for Attracting New Tenants:


Over 50 New and Innovative Ideas for Attracting New Tenants!


Vacancies?! Low, and No, Cost Marketing Ideas for the Modern Business and Office Manager


Low, and No Cost, Approaches to Recruiting New Tenants


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Suited for Success: 8 Steps for Re-designing Workplace Dress Codes

Suited for Success: 8 Steps for Re-designing Workplace Dress Codes

Studies are indicating that today's customer is expecting, even demanding, a higher level of poise and professionalism. Service-committed organizations are readily recognizing that by gently redesigning their workplace dress codes that customer satisfaction levels and gross profit are increasing! Employees will readily embrace this change as they learn how it benefits THEM!

In this comprehensive, step-by-step manual, wield the tools that will allow any organization the opportunity to redesign their current casual workplace dress code to a moderately more sophisticated and polished presence, without any employee conflict!!  

Step 1: Introduction: The History of Casual Dress in Our Workplaces


Step 2: Do We Really Need a (Redesigned) Formal, Written Dress Code?


Step 3: Addressing the Dress Code: Involvement is the Key


Step 4: Looking at What a New Look Will Accomplish


Step 5: The Roll Out: Making it Fun, Not Shunned


Step 6: Sample Dress Code Policies: Try Them on For Size


Step 7: Tuxedos or Tube Tops: Legal Insights


Step 8: Flippin Over Flip Flops? Articles and Studies Showing You Are Not Alone










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Workwise T-Shirt
Show that you are WILDLY Successful! This great T-Shirt is first quality Hanes Beefy T.
Sizes available: L, XL, XXL


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